Pump Mitra

An ultimate cost effective solution to your day-to-day overhead water tank overflow problem!

PumpMitra is one of the best ever Safe & Simple, Cost Effective Solution to the Overhead Water Tanks overflow problem, it is is based on State-of-the-Art technology uses Micro-controllers, to Switch-On and Switch Off the Pump Motor to Stop Overflow of overhead water tank and prevent motor Burnouts! PUMP MITRA is designed to keep you safe from electrical shocks!

Pump Mitra is a simple Replacement of Water Overflow Alarm!

PUMP MITRA is designed to Switch-On/Off the single household Pump-Motor up-to 1.5HP (1200W Max.), when your overhead water tank reaches to the predefined water levels, set by the you, using the sensors supplied together in Automatic Mode.

PUMP MITRA has been designed for easy setup, so a person with basic tools & knowledge of electrical connections can setup and install it easily.

PUMP MITRA also CUTs your Electricity, Water & Maintenance Bills Saving Water & Electricity!

PUMP MITRA has visual indication for the selected mode of operation, three LED indicators are provided to show selected mode of operation as well as the operating condition, whether pump motor is running or off.

Worried about Wiring and installation?

Pump Mitra is easy to install and any person with basic knowledge of electrical wiring or any electrician can install it easily.

Worried about Rusting in Sensors?

Stainless Steel Sensors are provided with PUMP MITRA, to solve rusting problems of the sensors in hard/Unprocessed Ground water.

Want to Control manually?

No Problem! Just switch to Manual Mode using the Three Way Switch on top of the PUMP MITRA, the Yellow Blinking LED indicates the pump is running in Manual Mode.

Pump Mitra Visual Indicators details

Controller Mode
Pump State
1 Red and Yellow Automatic ON
2 Red and Green Automatic OFF
3 Yellow (Blinking) Auto Cut ON
4Green Auto Cut
OFF You need to switch it 'On' again by just changing the Mode Switch position and setting again as required or switching Off the power supply and switching On again.
5 Red (Blinking) Manual(or ByPass)
ON Pump will remain in 'On' state until you change the Mode or switch Off the Controller Power Supply.